PES account management

To manage your Patient Entertainment System (PES) account and balance, you will first need to register your email address using the Patient Entertainment Portal on your PES unit. Once you register, this will activate your PES account.

From the portal you will be able to:

  • add funds
  • review your details
  • view previous transactions, and
  • provide access to your account for additional people such as family or care providers (they will be able to add funds to your account over the internet).

Once you have added funds to your PES account, you can purchase entertainment services such as movies and high speed internet.

PES refunds

If you have more than $5 in your PES account and would like to receive a refund for the balance, you can ask for a copy of the PES Refund form from one of the main reception areas within the hospital (main reception in the State Rehabilitation Service or in the main hospital), complete the form and hand it back to the reception desk you got it from.

Alternatively, you can download the PES refund form (Word 25KB) or PDF (222KB) when you get home and mail the form to the address details provided on the form. To protect your privacy, please do not scan and email the form.