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Fiona Stanley Hospital is the major tertiary hospital in the south metropolitan area and offers a high standard of patient care to communities south of Perth and across the State. 

A female patient laying in an ambulance and a male paramedic beside talk to people via a digital tabled device   A female nurse talks to a person in a hospital corridor.    A female hospital volunteer wearing a headscarf offers some hand sanitiser to an other woman who is holding her hands in front in her. 
In an emergency   Aishwarya's CARE Call   Being a patient


A female Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer stands beside the bedside of an Aboriginal man.  

Looking from Fiona Stanley Hospital across to the Perth central business district

An older man whose right leg has been amputated below the knee sits in a wheelchair in a gymnasium. A female physiotherapist kneels beside the wheelchair.

Caring for you    Coming to our hospital   Feedback, compliments and complaints
Two women sitting in chairs review a document        
Freedom of Information (accessing medical records          

More information

You can view or print a copy of our Patient information booklet (PDF 1MB), however all information in this booklet is available on our website.

Patient info booklet