Caring for you

Delivering high quality patient care and a positive experience for our patients, their families and carers is an important focus for Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Working in partnership with, and placing patients and their families at the centre of the decision making process, results in safer care, better outcomes, improved patient experiences and a happier and more engaged staff.

A female clinical nurse speaks to an older male patient seated in a bed

A female hospital volunteer wearing a headscarf offers some hand sanitiser to an other woman who is holding her hands in front in her.

A female Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer stands beside the bedside of an Aboriginal man.

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Birthing suite

A man sits next to an older woman who is receiving immunotherapy treatment

A woman wearing a Fiona Stanley Hospital uniform that reads 'Registered midwife' sits in front of a woman who is squatting on the floor holding onto a birthing silk suspended from the ceiling.

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Two women sit at a table talking. Behind one woman is a banner that reads Pastoral Care Services.


Two women sitting in chairs review a document

  Three hands overlaying each other
Pastoral care   Patient rights (external site)   Peer support workers

Two women and a man sit around a table. There are mugs and cake on the table.


An older man whose right leg has been amputated below the knee sits in a wheelchair in a gymnasium. A female physiotherapist kneels beside the wheelchair.

A female nurses adjusts a piece of medical equipment

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A female patient laying in an ambulance and a male paramedic beside talk to people via a digital tabled device

Virtual Emergency Medicine


A female nurse helps a female patient  during a therapy session

"What matters to you?" (external site)


A small candle burbs in a red loveheart shaped candleholder.

After the loss of a loved one