Aboriginal Workforce Policy

Applicable to: This Policy is applicable to all Health Service Providers unless specified as an exemption under Section 3 Policy Requirements.

Description: The purpose of the Aboriginal Workforce Policy is to increase representation of Aboriginal people at all levels of the workforce to improve Aboriginal health outcomes and achieve the Aboriginal employment target of 3.2%..

The Policy supports the WA Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Framework 2015-2030 strategic direction to have a strong, skilled and growing Aboriginal health workforce and aligns to the WA Health Aboriginal Workforce Strategy 2014-2024. The Policy reflects the broader commitment of the WA health system to promote equity and diversity in its workforce and address Aboriginal people as a priority diversity group in accordance with the Workforce Diversification and Inclusion Strategy for WA Public Sector Employment 2020–2025.

Growing the Aboriginal workforce is essential for the WA health system to deliver culturally safe and responsive health services. Aboriginal employees bring a diverse range of skills to the health sector including a cultural perspective, the ability to break down barriers and provide culturally appropriate care for Aboriginal Western Australians.

The Policy specifies the mandatory policy requirements that Health Service Providers must comply with to attract, recruit and retain Aboriginal people and increase the number of Aboriginal employees at all levels including clinical, non-clinical and leadership roles. 

Date of effect: 22 November 2018

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