SMHS registrar takes research to world stage

A woman standing in a corridor
South Metropolitan Health Service Mental Health Registrar Dr Katie Niven
February 28, 2019

South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) Mental Health Registrar Dr Katie Niven is gearing up to present her mental health research at the esteemed World Congress of the International Association for Women’s Mental Health (IAWMH) in Paris next month.

The IAWMH addresses the need for mental health initiatives and promotes international collaboration between healthcare professionals and mental health care networks.

“I’m in mighty company and feel very lucky to be included as a speaker at this conference and share the incredible work of our team,” Katie said.

At the conference, Katie will present her mental health study which explores the sexual and reproductive health of women admitted to psychiatric inpatient units.

“We began researching when I noticed there were significant gaps in the completion of standardised documentation such as the physical health assessment,” Katie said.

The study looks at ways to improve the quality of sexual health care for vulnerable patients by viewing the rates of sexual health against socio-economic factors.

“I found very few women are asked about their sexual and reproductive health.

“We are hoping this study will lead to improvements in screening and therefore detection of sexual health and reproductive issues.”

Find more information on the IAWMH conference (external site).

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