Robert fulfils medical career dream

Dr Robert Seeley standing outside a building at Fiona Stanley Hospital
Dr Robert Seeley
February 2, 2018

A few years ago, Robert Seeley gave up his extensive career in project management and auditing to chase a career in medicine, after feeling the need for a sea change.

Four years of study later, he hasn’t looked back.

Dr Seeley is one of 118 new medical graduates who have commenced at Fiona Stanley and Fremantle Hospitals, signaling the start of their careers as doctors.

Many of the graduates have diverse backgrounds including pharmacy, engineering, nursing, allied health and state emergency services.

“My partner got sick of me coming home complaining about my job and suggested I enroll in med school,” Dr Seeley said while reflecting on his career shift.

“Straight out of school I didn’t get the marks to study medicine, so I did engineering and then later changed to commerce.

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, but what really made me pursue medicine was my interactions with family, doctors and some really good GPs.”

While his career has gone full circle, Dr Seeley is glad he took that leap into medicine later in life.

“It has been challenging but at the same time it has been a great experience and all the medical graduates are really supported,” he said.

The junior doctors, the largest group to have begun work at Perth’s tertiary public hospitals, will complete five rotations in different medical specialties over the coming year.