Local women to provide input into birth centre planning

Three woman standing in front of a window. Two of the women are holding babies.
Lesley Pascuzzi, Kylie Ekin and Kelly Evans will be part of the working group to establish the Family Birth Centre at FSH.
September 7, 2018

Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) has enlisted local mothers to assist in the planning and design of the new Family Birth Centre to be established at the hospital next year.

Lesley Pascuzzi, Kylie Ekin, and Kelly Evans will be part of the working group which will guide the look, feel and amenity of the Family Birth Centre.

The women were part of a community consultation workshop held in August to gather ideas on the potential design and what women wanted to have considered for inclusion in the new centre.

For mother-of-two Lesley, being part of the working group was an opportunity to advocate for pregnant women and new mothers.

“I’d like to be a voice on behalf of women and to ensure the service and the design will meet people’s needs and expectations,” Lesley said.

New mum Kylie said she was passionate about improving local maternity services.

“It’s important for consumers to have a voice. Everyone’s experience will be different, and it’s important that we have access to choice without judgment.”

The Family Birth Centre will be established within the existing maternity ward area of FSH and will include four birth rooms and a family room/kitchen area.  

Through the new Family Birth Centre, women will be able to see the same group of midwives for the majority of antenatal check-ups, and a familiar midwife will also be present for the birth and involved in postnatal care in hospital and at home.

Kelly, who is a doula or birth companion, believes the design will make a big difference to the experience for women.

“I hope the centre is family-friendly and women-centred with continuity of care,” she said.

“I think it’s important we find a way to include dads in the conversation as well, because sometimes they do feel left out.”

Work on the facility is expected to commence in the latter half of 2019.

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