Community tours attract thousands

Visitors take a guided tour inside Fiona Stanley Hospital, stop to look at the art sculpture bench in the main concourse
This spectacular sculpture bench in the main concourse was one of the way-finding features highlighted in the community tours.
March 24, 2014

Over 3,000 people from the local community and across the metropolitan area flocked to Fiona Stanley Hospital today to be one of the first to view inside the State’s newest public tertiary hospital. 

Visitors were given a guided tour of the campus, with key areas of interest including the main concourse, the ward environment, a single patient room and the outside past the State rehabilitation service, mental health and the emergency department.   

Dr Russell-Weisz, Chief Executive Fiona Stanley Hospital Commissioning, said it was great to see so many people down on the site. 

“This is the first time we have been able to show the public inside the hospital, particularly taking people inside a ward and an overnight room, so this is a really great opportunity for the public to see their future healthcare environment,” he said. 

“This series of open days also form an important first step for future staff in their familiarisation with the site. This will increase in the coming months as we commence an extensive orientation and induction program for over 4000 clinical staff. 

 “The interest shown in these types of events really demonstrates how important this hospital will be to the people of Western Australia.” 

Fiona Stanley Hospital is scheduled to commence operations in October this year as part of a four-phased opening schedule.