Physiotherapy care during and after pregnancy

How your body manages pregnancy and how you recover depends on many factors.

If you are booked to deliver your baby, or have recently given birth at Fiona Stanley Hospital, our physiotherapy services are available to help you with a range of issues you may experience.

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Physiotherapy care during pregnancy

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Physiotherapy care after pregnancy

Read about physiotherapy during your pregnancy journey.


Support your recovery after pregnancy.

How to access our physiotherapy services

Physiotherapy services at Fiona Stanley Hospital are available to all women who are eligible for our maternity service (Healthy WA). If you are receiving our maternity services and wish to see a physiotherapist while you are pregnant, please ask your doctor or midwife to refer you.

Access to physiotherapy services is prioritised on the severity of your condition and your expected delivery date, with appointments allocated depending on available resources. Appointments can be face-to-face or in a group setting. Virtual video or phone appointments are also available.

If you give birth at Fiona Stanley Hospital, the physiotherapist may arrange for you to be seen at your local hospital. If you delivered your baby at Fiona Stanley Hospital and had a 3rd or 4th degree tear, you will receive an appointment to see the physiotherapist.

You can self-refer to the physiotherapy department for up to 6 months after the birth of your baby. Please phone 6152 9486 or send an email to discuss making an appointment to see a women’s health physiotherapist.

If you wish to attend the antenatal hydrotherapy class, a medical form (available at the hospital) must be completed by your midwife or doctor. Please be aware COVID-19 restrictions may impact on the availability of these classes.

Private physiotherapy

If you prefer to see a private physiotherapist, you can find one by visiting:

Contact us

Phone us on 6152 9486 or send an email

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Opening hours

Our services are available 8am – 4pm, Monday-Friday.


Please refer to your outpatient appointment letter for the location of your appointment.

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