Understanding COVID-19 exceptional compassionate visitor exemptions

In response to increasing community COVID-19 cases, visitor arrangements at our hospitals have changed in line with other public hospitals throughout WA.

These changes will help keep our most vulnerable patients, staff and the wider community safe from the spread of COVID-19.

We understand there will be circumstances where a family will wish to visit to comfort and support a dying patient. This may include a person who is in isolation, is COVID-19 positive, or maybe COVID-19 positive.

In such exceptional circumstances a compassionate visitor exemption may be granted.

The compassionate visitor exemptions are only granted by the Chief Executive for South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) for patients at:

  • Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Fremantle Hospital
  • Rockingham General Hospital
  • Murray District Hospital.

How to apply for a visitor exemption

If you believe you, a family member or loved one may qualify for exemption, discuss this with your loved one’s treating consultant.

If appropriate, the consultant will progress your exemption request. This is a letter from your treating consultant to the SMHS Chief Executive for approval.

The risks to the health service, our staff and individuals associated with the visit will be assessed.

Our staff will contact you if your request is approved and you will be provided a letter of exemption from the hospital.

If an approved visitor is a person who is in isolation, is COVID-19 positive, or maybe COVID-19 positive, they will be required to follow the quarantine directions outlined on the hospital’s website.

Hospital staff will escort you to your visit and direct you as to the requirements you must follow.

We understand this is an emotional time for you, your loved in hospital and your family, and thank you for working with us to keep our most vulnerable patients, staff and the community safe.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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