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Find links to all the information you need to stay informed about COVID-19 and services for Fiona Stanley Hospital patients and visitors.

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Latest updates

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Get tested

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Quarantine and isolation

Latest COVID-19 news and advice (external site)  

COVID-19 testing clinics (Healthy WA)

Guide to getting a COVID-19 test at a State-run clinic (Healthy WA)

About the rapid antigen test (RAT) (Healthy WA)

Do a rapid antigen test from your nose (external site)

Do a rapid antigen test with your saliva (external site)

Do a rapid antigen test – translations (external site)

  What quarantine or isolation mean (Healthy WA)




If you are COVID-19 positive


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Visiting our hospital


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Emergency care 

What to do when you test positive for COVID-19 (Healthy WA)

Caring for COVID-19 positive children (Healthy WA)

WA COVID Care at Home (Healthy WA)

Our Respiratory Medicine Ward is COVID ready to care - watch our videos



Self-testing with a nasal RAT before coming to hospital

About exceptional compassionate visitor exemptions

See how to put your mask on and take it off safely

If you are in COVID-19 isolation or quarantine


Emergency care at Fiona Stanley Hospital

Keeping COVID-19 safe at our ED (PDF 164KB)




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Elective surgery


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Specialised patient advice

Information about outpatient services

Delivery of Outpatient Pharmacy medications during COVID-19


Read about elective surgery.

Information for cancer and advanced heart and lung patients

About booked maternity assessments and procedures


Advice for immunocompromised patients

Your maternity care

Children and COVID-19 (external site)

People at greater risk of serious illness from COVID-19 (Healthy WA)




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Be prepared

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Get vaccinated


Be COVID-19 ready (Healthy WA) 

All about face masks (Healthy WA)

  Vaccination is the best protection (Healthy WA)