Acute Medical Ambulatory Clinic referrals

Direct GP referral to the Acute Medical Ambulatory Clinic (AMAC) enables suitable patients to come directly to the clinic for assessment and initial management, avoiding the need to first present to the Emergency Department.

Such patients may include those with:

  • exacerbations of known cardiac failure or COPD
  • anaemia (symptomatic or asymptomatic and Hb <90 and >60, not anticoagulated or with evidence of GI or UG bleeding)
  • suspected DVT (not Pulmonary Embolism)
  • cellulitis
  • syncope (transient loss of consciousness with full recovery in a low risk patient).

Clinically unstable patients will continue to be assessed in the Emergency Department.

Specialty–specific queries and requests for urgent outpatient appointments should be directed to the appropriate consultant or registrar according to the FSH GP contact list (PDF 228KB).

If the referral is accepted the GP will be sent instructions to be given to the patient including a map showing the clinic location.

Contact the AMAC consultant

Phone 6152 1462, 8am–4pm Monday to Friday.