Outcome Based Management Policy 2018-19

Applicable to: Health Service Providers. Please note that pending DG approval. the corresponding changes will be made to the OBM Policy applicable to the DOH.

Description: To ensure the Integrity end consistent application of the 2018-19 Outcome Based Management Framework across the WA heath system.

Type of Amendment Date of Effective Description of Amendment
Major Amendment 21 March 2019 The OBM Policy is updated to mandate OBM KPI reporting in accordance with the OBM Data Definition Manual.
The OBM 2018-19 Data Definition Manual has now been included as a Related Document.
Addendum 1 has been updated to reflect the Under Treasurer's approved amendments to KPI 11 and 12.
Minor Amendment
21 March 2019 Minor corrections to KPI 11 and KPI 12 have been made.
Major Amendment 30 July 2019 Major Amendment to Related documents: 2018-19 OBM KPI Data Definitions Manual and Addendum 1 - 2018-19 OBM KPIs and Targets; and to Supporting information document: 2018-19 OBM KPI Data Quality Statement. See document control (Section 9) of policy for details.

Date of effect: 01 July 2018

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