Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Governance Policy

Applicable to: System-wide WA Health

Description: To maximise the benefits of ICT investment and provide consistent state-wide ICT systems where appropriate, decision making around ICT is managed through the WA Health ICT Governance Structure.

This policy outlines the decision making framework for WA Health’s ICT investment.

This includes clarifying the expected roles, responsibilities and accountability of all parties involved in the planning and delivery of ICT programs and projects, and prescribes the processes to be followed in initiating and managing an ICT proposal or project.


Type of Amendment Date of Effect Description of Amendment
Major Amendment  12 April 2018  Section 3, 6th statement point regarding Patient Safety Risk Assessment wording has been revised to reflect the updated template for the PSRA and timing for its completion. 
Minor Amendment 4 November 2019  Updated new HSS contact number in Supporting information - ICT Patient Safety Risk Assessment PSRA Guide for ICT Projects.
Minor Amendment 4 December 2019 Fixed broken link to the Project Risk Management Strategy within section 2 of the Supporting information ICT Patient Safety Risk Assessment PSRA Guide for ICT Projects.

Date of effect: 01 July 2016 to 01 July 2021

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