WA Health System Language Services Policy

Applicable to: All Health Service Providers

Description: The WA Health Language Services Policy ensures the provision of interpreting and translating services to facilitate effective and consumer- focused communication between consumers and carers and HSP staff, and promotes fundamental consumer rights such as access to high quality care, safety, respect, communication and participation. Specifically, the policy aims to ensure that:

  • all consumers and carers who need assistance with English or who are Deaf or hard of hearing are provided with access to appropriate interpreting and translating assistance;
  • all HSP staff who deal with consumers and carers have the knowledge and skills to assess the need for language assistance and to engage appropriate interpreting and translating services; and
  • there are suitable procedures and processes in place to enable appropriate and timely engagement of interpreters and translators, particularly for health situations that have health, legal or other risks for consumers, HSPs or the WA health system.

Date of effect: 03 April 2017 to 03 April 2022

Policy Framework

Supporting information