Assistant in Nursing Policy

Applicable to: Health Service Providers Nursing personnel

Description: The purpose of this policy is to ensure Health Service Providers who provide publicly funded inpatient care. engage/employ clinical staff with the right qualification and skill-set to provide safe, high quality health care.

This policy supersedes Operational Directive 0419/13 Assistant in Nursing (AIN) Duties and Competencies. The list of AIN duties has been updated to align with the revised national training package Certificate III in Health Services Assistance-Acute Care.

Assistants in Nursing (AIN) are a category of non-regulated healthcare workforce; AIN work under the direction of a Nurse to assist in the delivery of patient care in the acute care environment. AIN are a complementary workforce and not a substitute for the number of Nurses employed under current work place arrangements.

This policy also defines the scope associated to the AIN positions, using a list of duties and the mandatory employment criteria in the WA health system under the position title, Assistant in Nursing.


Type of Amendment Date of Effect Description of Amendment
Major Amendment 16 August 2019  Major amendment to Policy and related document Assistant in Nursing Duties - additional requirement that WACHS may employ/engage AIN to work in an aged care facility with a Certificate III in Acute Care, Certificate III in Individual Support or Certificate III Aged Care. 

Date of effect: 04 April 2018 to 04 January 2021

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