Western Australian Environmental Health Officers Professional Review Board

The Western Australian Environmental Health Officers Professional Review Board (WAEHORB) was created in 1988 to assess qualifications appropriate to environmental health and advise the Chief Health Officer of their suitability for practice in Western Australia.

The functions of the Board are:

  • to assess the educational content and relevance of courses for qualifying awards and post-qualification awards by educational institutions in Western Australia in the field of environmental health or any of its specialities and if satisfied to grant recognition to such awards
  • to generally oversee and keep under review the content and relevance of courses for awards by the Board, and if not satisfied to withdraw recognition of such awards
  • to assess the educational content and relevance to Western Australia of courses for qualifying awards and post-qualification awards by educational institutions outside Western Australia, and where thought fit, to grant recognition to such awards, either outright or on a reciprocal basis or with some other proviso
  • to define the circumstances under which experience in the field of environmental health is required for appointment to the office of an environmental health officer, and to assess the nature and duration of the experience required, and the way in which it is to be certified for recognition by the Board, either generally or in a particular case or class of cases
  • to prepare and keep under review in consultation with Environmental Health Australia a code or codes of professional conduct for environmental health officers
  • to enquire into complaints referred to the Board relating to the competency or professional conduct of environmental health officers, and if upheld in full or part, to recommend appropriate remedial or disciplinary measures
  • to investigate and advise on matters referred to the Board relating to the scope, manpower and structural requirements of environmental health services in Western Australia and
  • to liaise with the Environmental Health Australia (WA) Inc. for the advancement of environmental health officers in Western Australia.

Overview of the Environmental Health WA Professional Review Board

Overseas and interstate applications

Each year the WAEHOPRB receives a significant number of inquiries from interstate and overseas applicants wishing to have their qualifications and background assessed to confirm whether they qualify to be authorised to undertake work as an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) in Western Australia.

In February 2008, the WAEHOPRB published in the Government Gazette a list of qualifications (both existing and/or no longer available), possession of which has automatically ensured accreditation of individual applicants in the past. Refer to the State Law Publisher website for a copy of the Qualifications Acceptable to be an Environmental Health Officer (external site).

Applicants in possession of any of the qualifications listed are automatically recognised in WA and are invited to apply for positions with local government utilising this website as confirmation of validity.

Although the list remains valid, the WAEHOPRB has recently agreed to endorse additional arrangements, accepting that examination of an applicant’s background, taking into account a number of factors, is appropriate under some circumstances.

Applicants possessing significant experience at a senior level in another State or country should not be precluded from applying for authorisation to obtain work in WA when in possession of an outdated or academically upgraded qualification.

Applicants presenting submissions to the WAEHOPRB will be assessed on the concept that examination of an applicant’s submissions in-toto is more appropriate than an assessment focussed solely around academic achievements.

The recognised Professional Body, Environmental Health Australia (EHA) also amends its website to reflect courses that have been assessed and accredited at the national level. WAEHOPRB has a long established relationship with EHA and the WAEHOPRB participates in the EHA’s accreditation process. This ensures that courses accredited by EHA nationally are accepted Australia-wide, including WA. Refer to the EHA website (external site) for details.

Applicants not possessing any of the displayed qualifications should approach the WAEHOPRB for further information. Applicants will be requested to provide a recent CV, copies of qualifications, and references from previous employers clearly setting out the nature of duties undertaken.

WAEHOPRB has developed an ‘Application for Recognition of Environmental Health qualifications obtained overseas’ form which outlines all details required for an assessment. A non-refundable application fee is applicable. These applications should be forwarded to the WAEHOPRB Secretary/Treasurer Vic Andrich, as set out below.

WA EHO Professional Review Board
Department of Health – Environmental Health Directorate
PO Box 8172 
Perth Business Centre WA 6849 

Please note that under some circumstances, assessments can take several months to complete. In general, the more comprehensive the submission, the quicker assessment can be completed.

Last reviewed: 29-06-2021
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Environmental Health Directorate

Further information

For further information contact the Secretary: Vic Andrich at the Environmental Health Directorate email: vic.andrich@health.wa.gov.au