Schedule 8 medicine reporting

Pharmacists are required to keep clinical records of all prescriptions dispensed and prescription medicines supplied. For Schedule 8 records, these must be provided in an approved form and manner to the Department of Health.

When to record

An individual record of what was dispensed on each occasion must be kept in the patient clinical record. In a pharmacy, the clinical record will be the dispensing software.

What to record

For each Schedule 8 medicine dispensed, the pharmacist must record the following information in the clinical record:

  • name, quantity, strength and form of the medicine supplied
  • address of the person treated (or name and address of the owner of the animal treated)
  • date of supply
  • prescription reference number
  • original date prescription was issued
  • date of birth of the patient; and
  • name and address of the prescriber.

For Schedule 8 medicines not supplied on a prescription, an equivalent record must be made of each occasion of supply. This includes doctor’s bag supplies, supplies to ships and vessels, aged care facilities or any other similar supply. The information to be recorded includes:

  • name, quantity, strength and form of the medicine supplied;
  • name address of the person ordering and receiving the medicines;
  • date of supply; and
  • identifying number of any request document.

Reporting to the Department

Every registered pharmacy in Western Australia must provide information on supply of Schedule 8 medicines at the end of each month. This must include all dispensed items, doctor’s bag items, supplies to ships and vessels and CPOP summaries.

Item Approved form and manner
Table 1: Approved form and manner for reporting to the Department
Records All Schedule 8 dispensing and supply records held in pharmacy dispensing software for the calendar month.
Time-frame At the end of each calendar month and before the seventh day of the next month.
Format Approved electronic flat file structure or Pharmacy monthly report – Methadone, Suboxone, Subutex – Community Program for Opioid Pharmacotherapy

Send via:

  • email to
  • post to Medicines and Poisons Regulation Branch, PO Box 8172 Perth Business Centre 6849

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