Complaint management

This information refers to consumer complaints relating to the provision of health care. It is not related to health care staff complaints. Staff with a complaint should proceed through the relevant grievance process.

Who can make a complaint?

Complaints about provision of health care (or lack of it) can be made by anyone. Health care consumers, their family, carers and visitors can make a complaint about the health system (Healthy WA).

When can a complaint be made?

A complaint can be made at any time after the problem has occurred.

What is complaints management?

Effective complaints management is an important strategy to ensure that services in need of improvement are identified.

Consumer feedback assists health services to make changes so that patients do not experience the same problems again or similar problems do not occur with other patients.

As part of their safety and quality obligation, the Department of Health and health services are required to:

  • manage complaints in a timely and appropriate manner
  • review their complaint data
  • identify systemic and recurring problems
  • develop strategies to improve clinical practice and the delivery of health care services across the organisation.
Last reviewed: 11-03-2020
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