Volunteer involved in express delivery

Mother and father holding newborn baby boy
Baby Phoenix is peaceful in the arms of parents Sherilyn Holloway and Jason Glover-Lewis after a dramatic delivery
April 17, 2018

Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) volunteer Doug (Dougie) Bignell is known for putting a smile on the faces of patients and visitors - now he can add express deliveries to the list.

When Dougie saw Sherilyn Holloway in labour outside the hospital, he raced her and partner Jason Glover-Lewis to the Emergency Department (ED) in his buggy.

Sherilyn said she was fortunate Dougie pulled up when he did.

“I couldn’t walk and I was scanning for somewhere to lay down,” she said.

“Dougie drove past and asked if everything was okay. I said the baby is coming now, we need to go to ED.”

Dougie helped the couple into his buggy and headed for the ED..

“I just kept beeping my horn saying, ‘Get out of me way please’,” Dougie said.

When he pulled up at ED, Dougie rushed inside to get help.

“I raced out and said to Sherilyn, ‘You’re all right, people are coming, everything’s fine’ and she said, ‘No it’s not’, and bang, the baby is there,” he said.

Eager to make an appearance into the world, Phoenix John Glover-Lewis was delivered in the front seat of the buggy.

“It’s not something you expect, for a stranger to be part of your birth story. Doug is amazing,” Sherilyn said.

Over the weekend, Dougie had a more peaceful introduction to baby Phoenix.

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