Volunteer inspires volunteering

A man, wih a prosthetic lower left leg and wearing a Fiona Stanley Hospital volunteer, uniform seated on a wall
FSH volunteer Ernest Chu
May 26, 2017

Meeting  a volunteer while he was an inpatient inspired Ernest Chu to take up volunteering himself.

Last year Ernest found himself at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) Emergency Department with an infection that led to his leg being amputated.

While an inpatient at the State Rehabilitation Service (SRS), Ernest was approached by a young man who began volunteering after being hospitalised with a stroke.

“He was very cheerful and upbeat – very optimistic about life,” Ernest said.

“I was inspired by his positivity and thought to myself if he can do it, so could I.”

Ernest, who shared his story to mark National Volunteer Week (8-14 May), began volunteering with FSH earlier this year. So far he has been based in the SRS where his experiences as an inpatient have helped him to connect with current patients.

“This hospital and the healthcare here is exceptional but healing your mind can be just as important as the physical healing.

“I like that volunteering allows me to contribute to that,” Ernest said.

Outside of volunteering, Ernest finds joy cooking at home and hosting friends for parties.