Today Tonight gets an exclusive look inside FSH

Dr Mark Monaghan being interviewed for Today Tonight
Dr Mark Monaghan, Head of Emergency at FSH, being interviewed for Today Tonight
March 6, 2014

Current affairs program Today Tonight joined Dr Mark Monaghan, Head of Emergency at FSH and Medical Co-Director Dr Simon Towler, for a look behind the scenes at WA's new $2billion public hospital.

Dr Monaghan and Dr Towler showed off some of the technology that Fiona Stanley Hospital will feature, such as the state-of-the-art critical care equipment in the emergency department, which includes the most advanced pendants in the State; smart glass, and outdoor courtyards that can accommodate hospital beds in the intensive care unit; FSH's sterilisation system, which will be the first to achieve ISO accreditation, and automated guided vehicles, that will assist support services at FSH - a first in a WA hospital.

Watch the Today Tonight story to learn more about the technology that will help deliver a safer environment for patients at FSH.