Steven is running for a reason

A man and a woman standing in a garden. The man wears a t-shirt reading 'HBF run for a reason'
Heart transplant recipient Steven Seddon and FSH Advanced Heart Failure Unit Nurse Practitioner Clare Fazackerley
April 30, 2018

Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) patient, Steven Seddon, will take part in his third fun run since his lifesaving heart transplant when he competes in the HBF Run for a Reason in May.

Steven will be running with 20 other current and former patients from FSH’s Advanced Heart Failure Unit, and their families and carers, as ‘Team Pump’.

Steven received his heart transplant just over two and half years ago after contracting Sarcoidosis virus on an overseas trip.

“Once I was home, I was in and out of Fremantle and Fiona Stanley Hospitals, with two blocked chambers and two implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) inserted,” he said.

“By the time I was added to the transplant list, I could barely walk 10 steps in a row.”

Steven is now back to his usual self and has expressed his deepest gratitude to those who saved his life.

“There isn’t anything I can’t do anymore. I am back into all my hobbies, enjoy travelling, I have restored an old car and always keep up with my walking and exercises.

“Completing the HBF run and raising money for the Heart Foundation is one way I can give back to those who have supported me throughout my transplant journey and help raise much needed funds for heart research.”

Steven was under the care of Nurse Practitioner Clare Fazackerley at FSH who is pleased to see Steven and his fellow patients excel after their transplants.

“It’s fantastic to see the team come together each year. Run for a Reason is a great way to raise awareness for the Heart Foundation and encourage patients to be active,” Clare said.