Share your message on Thank You Day

Fiona Stanley Hospital Donation Specialist Nurse Emma Roberts
Fiona Stanley Hospital Donation Specialist Nurse Emma Roberts.
November 17, 2017

DonateLife Thank You Day, held on Sunday 19 November, is a national day dedicated to honouring all organ and tissue donors and their families.

“During what is a very sudden and traumatic moment in their lives, families are especially resilient and supportive of organ donation,” said Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) Donation Specialist Nurse Emma Roberts.

As well as education and community awareness, Emma’s role is to supports families who request to fulfil their loved ones wishes and consent to organ and tissue donation.

“This job does bring bittersweet moments. Everyone reacts differently, so we just support families the best way that we can,” Emma said.

“I think even considering organ donation is amazing. Until you are in that position, I don’t think anyone knows what they will do.”

Each year, thousands of Australians lives are transformed through the gift of organ and tissue donation. Thank You Day is a chance for the community to come together and say ‘thank you’ to all donors and their families.

“Thank you day is a time for everyone to acknowledge the strength and courage of these families, despite the grief that they may have endured.”

Emma said that only 33 per cent of Australian have registered on the National Australian Organ Donor Register (external site).

“It’s important that we make our wishes known by either registering as an organ donor or talking to your loved ones,” said Emma.

For further information about DonateLife Thank You Day, visit DonateLife (external site).