Rotto team welcomes Humpty Dumpty donation

Two nurses holding small packages in front of ambulance
Rottnest Island Nursing Post Nurse Unit Manager David Charlton and Clinical Nurse Frances Turrell proudly display their new equipment
August 28, 2017

Despite being based on Perth’s island playground, the Rottnest Island Nursing Post’s work is definitely not child’s play.

Being in a remote location means the team needs to be ready for anything, whether it’s a sprained ankle or a life-threatening illness.

They’re now even better equipped thanks to the donation of a special piece of life-saving equipment known as the EZ-IO Intraosseous Vascular Access System.

Generously donated by Starleaton through the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, the device will be used to provide medication and fluids to children in emergencies.

Nurse Unit Manager David Charlton said the device was small and transportable, and would be available for use both on the ambulance and within the Nursing Post.

“The EZ-IO allows us rapid access to be able to deliver vital fluids and medication to critically ill patients, saving precious time in an emergency,” David said.

“We have also been provided with an EZ-IO education kit, which enables us to offer ongoing training to staff members without needing to travel off the island.

“Thank you to Starleaton and the Humpty Dumpty Foundation for their very generous donation.”