Pharmacy award a win for chemotherapy patients

Members of the FSH Pharmacy team standing in a group
Congratulations to the Fiona Stanley Hospital Pharmacy team
November 9, 2017

The Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) Pharmacy team has received a WA Health Excellence Award for its work reducing waiting times for chemotherapy patients.

The awards recognise the outstanding achievements of dedicated health care professionals across WA, with FSH Pharmacy winning the 'Managing resources efficiently and effectively’ category.

Since opening, the large number of patients attending the FSH Cancer Centre for chemotherapy has presented challenges for nursing, medical and pharmacy staff.

The Pharmacy Compounding Service Improvement Project has redesigned the way chemotherapy drugs are sourced and delivered, reducing waiting times and saving more than $370,000 over 6 months.

The project has had the added impact of enhancing collaboration and strengthening working relationships between pharmacists, nursing and medical staff.

Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospitals Group Acting Executive Director Janet Zagari said the project was an exceptional example of the innovation being encouraged at FSH.

“As busy health professionals, we’re so focused on getting our patients well that it can be challenging to find the time to examine why we do things the way we do,” Janet said.

“Our pharmacy team have shown that taking a step back to redesign the way we work can have huge benefits for both patients and staff.

“Congratulations to Chief Pharmacist Barry Jenkins and his team on their fantastic achievement.”