Perioperative nursing opportunities at Fiona Stanley Hospital

Operating theatre equipment
March 12, 2014

Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) is offering employment opportunities to perioperative nurses with suitable training/experience to work in our operating theatres, post anaesthetic care unit and endoscopy. 

At FSH there are 15 operating theatres, five endoscopy suites, two interventional theatres plus a dedicated emergency obstetric theatre within the birthing suite, 20 preoperative holding bays and 37 post anaesthetic care unit (PACU) bays. The theatres are located adjacent to the coronary care unit and intensive care unit, with the location allowing direct access to day admissions, endoscopy and sterilising service, and ready access for angiography and inpatient wards. The operating theatres are available 24 hours a day for emergency surgery and interventional procedures. Elective tertiary/quaternary surgery is undertaken during scheduled operating sessions of high complexity surgery and high volume short stay procedures.

Service delivery for the FSH operating theatres is based on the principles of providing safe and reliable care, a high quality patient experience, maintaining staff satisfaction and effective use of resources, which will be achieved by:

  • Equity of access to operating theatres according to clinical urgency and treat in turn principles (NEST requirements)
  • Effective communication within theatre teams, between specialties and across the hospital regarding perioperative patients and their care to foster a positive culture and vision at FSH
  • Efficient well planned lists with appropriate scheduling to maximise theatre utilisation and
  • Ongoing staff development, education and support to achieve the desired outcomes

Desirable outcomes and behaviours will be fostered by collection and feedback of clinical and operational key performance indicators (KPIs)

For further information on these perioperative nursing positions at FSH, please contact Christine Kellett.

View the full job adverts for these nursing pools online by selecting the relevant link below:
Clinical Nurse – Perioperative (Theatres, Post Anaesthetic Care Unit, Endoscopy)
Registered Nurse – Perioperative (Theatres, Post Anaesthetic Care Unit, Endoscopy)