New maternity clinics to support second time mums

A female registered midwife stands between two pregnant women
Expectant mothers Sharanjeet and Tatiana with Fiona Stanley Hospital Midwife Abbey Rodda at a next birth after caesarean parent education class.
September 26, 2018

The Next Birth after Caesarean (NBAC) Clinic at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) has been created to help support, educate and guide women who wish to give birth vaginally after a previous caesarean section.

The NBAC clinic is led by FSH midwife Abbey Rodda, who has extensive experience caring for this group of women, and works alongside two midwives and two consultant obstetricians to provide specialised antenatal care.

Abbey said the new model of care had an emphasis on education, continuity of care and building confidence.

“Women who have had a caesarean section carry issues specific to them,” Abbey said.

“A really important part of what we do is delving into the psychology of the mum as the mind has a big influence when it comes to giving birth.

“For the body to labour it needs to release oxytocin and if you feel scared it is less likely to release and labour becomes difficult.

“We encourage women to ask questions, so they have knowledge behind them before going into labour and they realistically know the risks.”

All women birthing at FSH who have had a previous caesarean section are seen in this specialised clinic.

“The clinic has been tailored for this specific group of women and is based on evidence based research. We aim to decrease the rates of post-traumatic stress disorder and help mothers bond with their baby after a difficult or unexpected birth,” Abbey said

“If we can give these mothers the confidence to feel like they are involved in the decision making process they are more likely to have a greater sense of peace about their birthing journey.”

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