New guidelines help ICU staff shine

Three staff members standing next to computer on wheels in a ward setting
Head of Intensive Care Dr Cyrus Edibam, Service 2 Nurse Coordinator Luke Dix and ICU Nurse Unit Manager Marcella Merrifield
October 11, 2018

A project by Fiona Stanley Hospital’s (FSH) Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to reduce clinically unnecessary pathology testing has been nominated as a finalist in the 2018 WA Health Excellence Awards.

The FSH ICU Pathology Test Reduction project was established following a review of ICU pathology expenditure data.

A process was developed to eliminate clinically unnecessary pathology testing, in line with the Choosing Wisely initiative, which aims to reduce unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.

The project has seen the implementation of guidelines for consultants, junior doctors and clinical nurses that empowers them to adopt a ‘clinical needs only’ testing culture.

The ICU has reported a 59 per cent reduction in tests ordered, saving more than $85,000 per month in 2018 compared to the average monthly cost of tests in 2016.

Head of Intensive Care, Dr Cyrus Edibam, is pleased his team has been recognised.

“This program is largely about culture change facilitated by appropriate education, the use of business data analysis tools and a paperless clinical information system to move from a traditional culture of routine batch testing towards thoughtful clinical needs-based testing,” Dr Edibam said.

“Being recognised for our work in this space is a great achievement for the whole ICU team.”

The FSH ICU Pathology Test Reduction project is a finalist within the ‘Managing resources efficiently and effectively’ category. Winners will be announced at a gala dinner on 8 November 2018.

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