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August 30, 2022

Giving care virtually has become the norm in recent times, so it is important to know if the care being given is leading to good patient outcomes. For one cohort of patients this review is even more important.

Outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) treats people with a serious infection using intravenous antibiotics. Through the establishment of a ‘virtual ward’ this treatment is delivered in the comfort of patient’s own home in partnership with Silverchain community nursing services.

In a collaborative study, which has garnered international praise, Fiona Stanley along with another tertiary hospital, identified the risk-factors contributing to patients developing the uncommon but potentially serious condition ‘catheter related thrombosis’ (CRT) while receiving the intravenous antibiotics.

Infectious Diseases Consultant and Microbiologist and lead researcher, Paul Ingram, says identifying the risk factors of CRT in OPAT patients will enable healthcare workers around the world to make an educated decision about the patient’s care.

“We want patients to remain at home where they’re comfortable whenever possible, rather than managing them in a hospital – this research will help facilitate improved outcomes for patients around the globe who are receiving health care at home,” Paul said.

“Most of the time OPAT patients who meet the risk factors will still be able to receive treatment at home.”

“However, we can now put measures in place to best manage at-risk patients, such as adjusting medications, more frequent at-home nursing visits or using an alternative treatment method if necessary.

“While no researcher does this work for the praise, I am so proud that our research has received this international recognition.”

This study is also proving its worth here at home, because on any given day OPAT can free up around 25 beds at Fiona Stanley Hospital alone.

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