Innovative mobile app for burns patients an award finalist

Four men and a woman standing in a treatment room. Each person is holding a mobile phone.
CSIRO Research Director Prof Yogi Kanagasingam, FSH Digital Innovation Lead Aaron Berghuber, Prof Fiona Wood, MDT Officer Graeme McLeod and CSIRO Senior Software Engineer Janardhan Vignarajan
October 30, 2018

An innovative mobile application helping Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) burns patients receive timely out-of-hospital care is a South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) finalist in the WA Health Excellence Awards.

Mobile Image Communication Exchange (MICE) is a CSIRO and SMHS-made and owned mobile application that allows clinicians to send each other patient wound and scar photos to aid with clinical communication, decisions and treatment.

MICE has been used in the FSH Burns Early Discharge Programme, a service that allows patients to be discharged and receive ongoing care in the comfort of their own homes.

State Burns Service Director Professor Fiona Wood said the key objective was to ensure patients were provided with the right treatment at the right time and in the right place.

“Images are an invaluable clinical indicator.  The beautiful thing about technology is I can be involved in the decision-making without being in the room,” Fiona said.

“I can provide senior input, facilitate urgent referrals or make decisions about ongoing management of wounds and scars through my smartphone at any time, even if it’s out-of-hours.”

“And for the patient, we are improving their experience by providing efficient care while keeping them in the community.”

MICE had also improved service delivery by providing a solution for sending images between clinicians, capturing the surrounding conversation and recording an appropriate level of consent safely and securely without breaching patient confidentiality.

“Clinicians are often lured by the efficiency and ease of using social media to share images with one another, MICE eliminates this issue,” Fiona said.

The MICE team is excited about bringing innovative mobile technologies to SMHS.

The project is a finalist in the ‘Developing sustainable solutions for out-of-hospital healthcare’ category. Winners will be announced at a gala dinner on 8 November.

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