Fresh outlook for spinal patients

A man and woman, both seated in wheelchairs, in an outdoor courtyard. Another women sits with them on a brightly coloured seat.
State rehabilitation patient Andrew Heard, Fiona Stanley Hospital Senior Occupational Therapist Nicky Hunter and CORD Fundraiser Director Jos Franciscus.
February 28, 2019

Patients in the Fiona Stanley Hospital state rehabilitation spinal ward have been treated to a refresh of their main courtyard.

Generously funded by Cord Fundraiser, local artist Bruno Booth was tasked with creating an artistic mural on the courtyard benches.

Senior Occupational Therapist Nicky Hunter said positive environments play an important part in the healing process with the creation of a positive and vibrant environment designed to improve the patient experience. 

“Exposure to the outdoors (green therapy), is well known to assist in physiological health and psychological wellbeing and recovery,” Nicky said.  

“The National Arts and Health Framework (also) support the benefits of using art to improve health outcomes and recovery.

“Creating and improving the patient courtyard aids in giving patients access to an outdoor environment and green space during their prolonged stay in hospital. This has shown improvements in patients’ outlook, anxiety, pain, and stress levels throughout their stay.”

The courtyard is also used as a restorative area to share and connect with family and friends while patients are adapting and adjusting to their situation.  

Cord Fundraiser also helped with funding a special training vehicle for patients.

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