Fiona Stanley Hospital wins Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Award

IPA award winners 2013
Simon Gatward (BT Australia), Di Mantell (WA Health), Kat Lothian (Serco), Michael Jordon (Serco) and Andreas Roost (Siemens)
March 28, 2013

Fiona Stanley Hospital has taken out a top honour at Infrastructure Partnerships Australia’s 2013 National Infrastructure Awards in Sydney last night.

The hospital was named the winner of the prestigious Government Partnership Excellence Award for the unique partnership between WA Health and FSH Facilities Manager, Serco for the design and delivery of services for WA’s most advanced hospital.

When it opens in 2014, the 783-bed Fiona Stanley Hospital will be one of the largest tertiary hospitals in Australia and will provide some of the most complex treatment and care in the world.

WA Health A/Director General, Dr DJ Russell-Weisz, said that he was pleased the hospital was recognised on the national stage.

"I am absolutely delighted that Fiona Stanley Hospital has been successful in this category and it truly shows the calibre of work that is currently underway to deliver this hospital to the people of Western Australia," he said.

"WA Health and Facilities Manager Serco have been working in close partnership to create a leading healthcare environment at FSH."

Chief Executive of Serco Asia Pacific, David Campbell said it was an incredible honour to be recognised for the award.

"We are extremely proud of the ground breaking work that has already been achieved and the collaborative partnerships that have been developed at Fiona Stanley Hospital," he said.

"We consider it a privilege to take on the vital role of designing and running non-clinical services at Fiona Stanley Hospital and helping to care for people of WA.

"We are looking forward to making this hospital the best in the country."