FSH to house Australia’s first phenome research centre

Two men and a woman stand beside a sign that reads 'Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research'
Deputy Vice Chancellor Research & Innovation Murdoch University David Morrison, South Metropolitan Health Service Chief Executive Paul Forden and Vice Chancellor Murdoch University Professor Eeva Leinonen.
December 17, 2018

The Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) campus is set to become home to one of the world’s leading research laboratories – the Australian National Phenome Centre (ANPC).

The ANPC will become a part of this thriving medical and research precinct thanks to a collaboration between Murdoch University, South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) and Harry Perkins Research Institute of Medical Research.

Phenomics is a game-changing new approach to studying the health of individuals and populations, which has the potential to revolutionise the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease and improve the health of millions of people in Western Australia and beyond.

The ANPC, a Murdoch University initiative, will be led by internationally renowned researcher Professor Jeremy Nicholson who pioneered systems medicine and metabolic phenotyping at Imperial College London.

A person’s phenome is a snapshot of their unique biology resulting from the complex interactions between environmental factors such as their diet, lifestyle and exposure to pollutants, and their genes.

The research will aim to analyse these biological markers to better understand the fundamental causes of disease and to develop personalised solutions for prevention and treatment.

SMHS Chief Executive Paul Forden said it was exciting for Fiona Stanley Hospital to be part of this historic research centre. 

“Fiona Stanley Hospital was designed to be a vibrant health and research hub, and housing the Australian National Phenome Centre on our campus will certainly add to this and provide new opportunities for collaboration with our researchers.”

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