Expert care inspires words from Warren

FSH State Rehabilitation Service patient Warren Boggs, right, with Reverend Sheldrin D’Rozario.
FSH State Rehabilitation Service patient Warren Boggs, right, with Reverend Sheldrin D’Rozario
August 30, 2016

Sixteen years after a catastrophic fall caused him to become paraplegic, State Rehabilitation Service patient Warren Boggs hasn’t let his condition stop him.

Warren recently wrote a collection of stories about his life and his post-accident adventures including an international wheelchair tennis career, a 950-kilometre quad bike trek in South Africa, hand-cycling from Thailand to Laos and skiing at Thredbo.

He is currently enduring a longer stay in hospital due to a recent setback and said writing about his journey had helped him reflect and find meaning.

“It helps you think about and understand your experience on a deeper level,” he said.

Warren hopes reading his work will inspire others in similar situations and remind them that a disability isn’t the end; it’s still possible to live a full and happy life. 

He said visits from Pastoral Care staff had helped motivate him to start writing.

“The nurses and doctors are fantastic but they’re really busy,” he said.

“It gets pretty lonely being in hospital, and the sense of friendship and support provided by Pastoral Care has helped me gain the confidence to channel my energy into writing.”

Pastoral Care Coordinator Reverend Sheldrin D’Rozario said Warren was proof of the positive benefits of multidisciplinary care.

“Patients like Warren need treatment for various aspects of their condition, including the associated emotional challenges,” Sheldrin said.

“Clinical staff, quite rightly, are concerned with the direct treatment of the patient’s condition and often don’t have time to sit and listen,” he said.

“We’re here to provide that friendship and in doing so, support the patient’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing.”

Sheldrin emphasised that Pastoral Care services were available to any patient regardless of their condition or length of stay.

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