Compassionate care makes the difference

A small baby lays sleeping
Baby Lucas
May 9, 2019

For parents Chloe and Aaron, the loss of their newborn baby will always be the hardest thing they will ever have to go through, but the compassionate care shown by the Fiona Stanley Hospital Neonatal team made it that little bit easier.

Baby Lucas was rushed to hospital when he stopped breathing at just two days old and after five days in the Neonatal Unit, he very sadly passed.

Following her devastating loss, Chloe and Aaron took the time to write to Patient Opinion to praise the compassionate care she encountered from the healthcare team.

The compliment acknowledged the open and honest way staff communicated with them as Lucas’ parents.

“Every time we came to our baby’s room we were immediately informed of how he was going and what had changed,” they said.

“The communication was excellent from everyone involved.”

They praised all the staff involved in Lucas’ care, including his doctor.

“She wasn’t just a doctor to us, it was like we had known her for years.

“She was compassionate, kind, diligent and sincere.”

When it came to Lucas’ passing, Chloe and Aaron praised the support they received from the social worker and nurses.

“They took care of everything and made sure we were able to do it how we wanted, even though I could see they were hurting too.

“Our little one was respected and looked after every step of the way.”

Mum Chloe said her experience with Lucas’ healthcare team had inspired her to pursue midwifery study next year.

“I have so much admiration for the staff who cared for Lucas. They are the strongest, most compassionate women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting,” Chloe said.

“We couldn’t have done it without them.”