Cheer on Josh as he cycles to the FSH finish line

Five men holding bikes
October 13, 2017

Josh Gliddon is currently on a 25-day cycle adventure, from Melbourne to Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH), to raise funds for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation (external site) – a disease he is all too familiar with.

After being diagnosed with diabetes insipidus in 2012, Josh spent three years battling persistent extreme thirst and excessive urination.

Determined to figure out what had caused the condition, Josh booked himself in for a brain scan. It was then he found he had germinoma, a rare form of brain cancer that targets the pituitary glands.

“The scariest thing is that I had none of the usual brain cancer symptoms – no headaches or nausea or dizziness or anything,” Josh said.

“I just wanted to figure out where the diabetes insipidus had come from so went for a scan.”

Following three months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation at FSH, Josh was cleared of cancer less than eight months after his original diagnosis.

Josh and six friends began their cycle adventure on September 27 and will ride 145km per day until they reach FSH on Saturday October 21 at 2pm near the freeway cycle path.

Josh said he choose FSH as the finish point because the hospital has a special place in his heart.

“I received excellent medical treatment from doctors and nurses at FSH, particularly the chemotherapy, endocrinology, and radiology departments,” Josh said.

Josh said the results from his treatment had been very encouraging and now lives a happier and healthier life.

“None of us know how long we will live for but a cancer diagnosis has helped me appreciate every day.”

The team have raised more than $71,000. To support Josh’s fundraising efforts, donate online (external site).