Breast is best

Left to right: Anthony Widjaja, FSH Lactation Consultant Leanne Graham (middle), his wife Celestina Chong and her son Tobias
Celestina Chong, her son Tobias and husband Anthony Widjaja with FSH Lactation Consultant Leanne Graham (middle).
August 15, 2016

Fiona Stanley Hospital’s (FSH) Breastfeeding clinic is helping to give newborns the best start to life.

Speaking to promote World Breastfeeding Week (external site), FSH Lactation Consultant Leanne Graham said breast milk is a complete food containing all a baby's nutritional needs for the first six months.

“Babies who are breastfed have an increased resistance to infections, allergies and diseases,” Leanne said.

“Breastfeeding can be a deeply satisfying experience as it helps create a close and loving bond between mother and baby.”

Mothers who deliver their babies at FSH can access breastfeeding education and support through the hospital’s Breastfeeding clinic and fortnightly breastfeeding forums

“The common misconception is that breastfeeding is instinctive but sometimes it actually has to be learned,” Leanne said.

“Factors such as positioning and attachment can make the breastfeeding experience unique to each mother and baby; making it important for women to seek help where required.”

Leeming resident Celestina Chong said the support and encouragement she received from the lactation clinic was invaluable in helping her to successfully breastfeed her son Tobias.

“It was a painful and distressing ordeal when I first started breastfeeding as I was sore and had trouble latching Tobias,” Celestina said.

“After a few days of trying, we contacted the lactation clinic and Leanne found a way that eased the pain and made the experience comfortable.” 

“I would have given up without that support.” 

To contact the FSH Breastfeeding Clinic, call 6152 2222.