Aboriginal students inspired to learn about careers at SMHS

Four women standing beside each other in a building lobby.
Danielle Coffey, SMHS Director of Aboriginal Health Strategy Nola Naylor, Roseanne Freehan and Leighshel Houghton at the inaugural SMHS Aboriginal Student Information Evening.
March 22, 2019

Fiona Stanley Hospital recently hosted the inaugural South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) Aboriginal Student Information Evening.

Designed to introduce Aboriginal university and TAFE students to careers within SMHS and provide an insight into working for a large organisation, 18 students came along for a session offering personalised advice.

SMHS Director of Aboriginal Health Strategy Nola Naylor said the event was aimed at inspiring the next generation of potential employees.

“Our intent was to highlight to students the many career opportunities available at SMHS, to encourage them to continue with their studies and consider us a potential employer,” Nola said.

“Increasing recruitment of Aboriginal employees also enables us to better support our community.

“People forget that health is more than just doctors and nurses and that we offer a diverse range of non-clinical career options. Whether a student completes their planned education or changes direction, there are career pathways available to them at SMHS.”

The event included clinical and non-clinical Aboriginal staff sharing their experiences, information on traineeships and mentoring opportunities, background on section 51 rights and how the health service is working to best support Aboriginal staff and patients.

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with one student saying it had increased the vision for her career.

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