Text description - Fiona Stanley Hospital virtual tour

Fiona Stanley Hospital will change the face of health service delivery in Western Australia. As the State’s most technologically advanced public tertiary hospital, it will provide the highest quality care to patients.

Named in honour of eminent child health researcher, Professor Fiona Stanley, the hospital will provide an outstanding service to all Western Australians.

WA Health will deliver the best possible clinical care, while international service company Serco will deliver non-clinical services, combining service excellence with a patient focused ethos.

Life at Fiona Stanley Hospital will feel very different.  It will offer a new kind of health care experience that begins with greater choice well before patients arrive.

Patients will be offered a selection of appointment times for their procedures and can choose their preferred communication method.

The hospital is adjacent to the Murdoch bus and rail interchange providing visitors with easy access to public transport. Bus services will stop regularly at key locations around the hospital, and there are three thousand six hundred parking bays on site for those driving.

Fiona Stanley Hospital will house a range of specialist services, including:

The State rehabilitation service; a mental health facility; state of the art emergency care; obstetric and children’s services; the State burns service and trauma; transplantation services; a full range of acute medical and surgical services; and comprehensive cancer services.

The hospital campus will also be home to a pathology centre, as well as world class medical research and education facilities.

The main entrance to Fiona Stanley Hospital leads to the central concourse and the heart of the hospital.  

The concourse is a welcoming space. Views to gardens, and an interior bathed in natural light give it a relaxed feel, making it the ideal setting for staff, families and patients.

A selection of retail outlets will offer a range of products and services, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

A north facing outdoor food court off the central concourse will also provide a relaxing place for patients, visitors and hospital staff.

Being a patient at Fiona Stanley Hospital means greater privacy as most rooms are single with an en suite. 

The high percentage of single rooms, coupled with the most modern cleaning methods, will provide the highest standard of infection control.

Patients will have their own entertainment system, giving them access to a broad range of services from their bed. They can communicate with family via video, access games, the Internet, TV, movies and more.

Patients can also use it to order their preferred food closer to meal times. Meals are all prepared and cooked on-site to ensure freshness.

World class non-clinical services will be delivered using a range of innovative technologies, such as automated guided vehicles, which will operate in service corridors.

The vehicles help to reduce staff injuries as they move a range of heavy and regularly used supplies throughout the hospital.

The digital capabilities being built into Fiona Stanley Hospital allow clinicians to have secure access to patient health records at the bedside through the entertainment system. The system provides instant access to a variety of patient information, and will allow staff to spend more face to face time with patients.

Fiona Stanley Hospital’s emergency department is closely located with other critical services, such as operating theatres and intensive care.

Patients will arrive at the emergency department by air, ambulance or via the child or adult entrances on the lower ground level.

The emergency department will be a safe and secure environment. Emergency patients will benefit from improved privacy with walled treatment bays.

Freestanding and ceiling-mounted equipment will allow clinicians to move freely and provide care more efficiently.

Fiona Stanley Hospital is a leader in environmental sustainability, setting the highest standards in energy efficiency.

More than five hectares of natural bushland, landscaped parks and courtyards will provide a healing environment.

As home to the 140-bed State rehabilitation service, the thoughtfully designed gardens will provide therapeutic spaces for patients with a range of rehabilitation needs.

The hospital has been designed in collaboration with staff and patients, ensuring that its layout and functions result in high quality treatment and care for patients.

Fiona Stanley Hospital will be the cornerstone of a broader education and health precinct.

The latest technology - combined with the best clinical and support care - will deliver patient-focused, quality public health care to thousands of Western Australians every week.

WA Health and Serco are working together to bring this exceptional new public hospital to life.

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