Your rehabilitation journey

The rehabilitation process requires the full cooperation and active participation of you, the rehabilitation team, and your support people (family, friends or carer). A key worker will be allocated by the team caring for you and they will introduce themselves within the first few days. They are available to help you understand and navigate your way through the rehabilitation process and explain to you and your support people some of the things that may happen during your stay.

Rehabilitation is a time- limited, goal-orientated process and your goals are negotiated between you, your support people and your team. A review of your progress towards your goals is undertaken on a regular basis. If progress towards your goals is not occurring in the time frame given, an alternate plan will need to be made in discussion with you and your support people.

In some cases it may be determined that you are no longer required to be an inpatient in a rehabilitation hospital. If this occurs your care will be changed to  maintenance after discussion with you and your support people. This care change will incur a cost per day and the Health Corporate Network (HCN) will send an invoice if this occurs.

The focus of rehabilitation is for you to undertake tasks that are usual for you. For instance, it is usual to wear day clothes and not pyjamas during the day. Hence, we request that you are dressed in your usual clothing each day. Part of the process is to improve your stamina and ensure you will be capable of undertaking the activities you need to do when you leave hospital.

When you are discharged it may be necessary for one of your support people to be available at home during the first few weeks or longer. This may be the best time for your support people to take any leave from work and this can be discussed early in the admission with the key worker.

If you have any concerns during your stay please see your key worker or the coordinator of the shift so that they may assist you.


Our State Rehabilitation Service patient information booklet contains information available on the Your hospital stay and Rehabilitation patients pages on our website.  It is also available in each patient room.

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