The rehabilitation team

When you are admitted to the State Rehabilitation Service here at Fiona Stanley Hospital, you will be placed under the care of a rehabilitation specialist and an interdisciplinary team who will provide you with a rehabilitation plan. Your team consists of a variety of health professionals who work together with you and your support people to achieve your goals.

As we are a teaching hospital, some of these health professionals will rotate to different areas and this may require a change to your team. Your support people may also be part of your team and their role is to assist in the process by making your friends aware of your therapy times so that they visit outside of these times and leave you to attend all of your therapy sessions.

Your support people may also be asked to attend meetings, complete paperwork or assist in your care. If you and your support people indicate an interest in being involved in your rehabilitation it is important that their commitments are monitored and that time is assigned so that your goals are not delayed.

Your interdisciplinary team

Your interdisciplinary team may include the following members.

  • A consultant or rehabilitation medicine specialist who will assume the overall responsibility for management of your recovery and rehabilitation process.
  • A registrar and intern or resident doctor who will manage your day-to-day medical care whilst you are an inpatient.
  • Ward nurses who provide 24 hour care through ongoing assessment of your condition and general health including:
    • support for normal bodily functions
    • provision of medications assistance for self-care activities
    • encouraging independence
    • and providing education to you and your support people.
      Fiona Stanley Hospital supports a team nursing model where a group of nurses are assigned to care for a group of patients. This allows for a sharing of tasks and the pooling of skills to give the best care possible. Nurses will check on you at least hourly during the day and every two hours overnight.
  • A physiotherapist to help you reach your maximum physical potential by guiding you through a rehabilitation plan specific to your needs.
  • An occupational therapist to develop your skills and help you return to doing activities such as:
    • self- care
    • domestic tasks leisure activities employment
    • parenting/family activities
    • driving
    • accessing community services.
      They will also provide a range of equipment for your treatment and complete a home assessment to enable access to a safe home environment.
  • A speech pathologist will help you with any swallowing and communication or language problems you may have.
  • A dietitian will assess and monitor your nutritional status to aid your recovery and rehabilitation. They can provide advice on your nutritional requirements and educate you on the most appropriate diet for your health and wellbeing on discharge.
  • A social worker will work with you and your support people to plan your discharge to a safe and appropriate setting. They can discuss discharge home with community services/agencies or to alternative accommodation.
  • A clinical psychologist will help you and your support people understand and adjust to your physical illness by assisting with grief, stress, worry and mood.
  • A clinical neuropsychologist will provide assessments and treatment recommendations if you are experiencing difficulties with aspects of behaviour and thinking abilities.
  • A pharmacist will check your medications and provide you with pharmacy advice on discharge.
  • A prosthetist or orthotist, if required, they will assist with braces and assistive devices.

Key worker

This person is your single point of contact with your team. They will introduce themselves to you and identify themselves as your key worker. They will assist you in orientating yourself to the unit and in becoming familiar with the rehabilitation process.

If you have any questions regarding the rehabilitation process please ask your key worker. Wherever possible, they will attend your meetings including goal setting and be available to explain these to you if needed. They will assist you to inform the team of what your goals and expectations are if required.

Other specialists and services can be provided when necessary to address your particular needs.


Our State Rehabilitation Service patient information booklet contains information available on the Your hospital stay and Rehabilitation patients pages on our website. It is also available in each patient room.

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