Patient or family meetings

Depending on your length of stay you may have one or more family (or support people) meetings.

The format is normally as follows:

  • introductions – including everyone’s name and role so you know who is responsible for each aspect of therapy and the team is aware of the support people’s relationships
  • a summary of medical issues by medical staff. If this is your first meeting clarification of the information you have already received will be sought. This is the time to ask questions about your medical issues
  • update/discussion – each member of your team will go through what they have been working on with you and what the goals for your discharge are. We suggest that you start a list of questions you may have prior to the meeting so that you don’t forget
  • possible timing of discharge and what you or your support people need to do to enable this to occur. For example, your support people may be asked what kind of assistance they are able to provide to you when you are discharged
  • action points for you and your support team. You will be asked by your key worker to sign these at the end of the meeting.


Our State Rehabilitation Service patient information booklet contains information available on the Your hospital stay and Rehabilitation patients pages on our website.  It is also available in each patient room.

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