Important to note

Alcohol and illicit drugs

Alcohol or illicit drugs are not permitted anywhere at Fiona Stanley Hospital. If you are found to be under the influence of these substances a goal setting meeting will be organised to discuss your commitment to rehabilitation and whether this is the appropriate place for you. Any visitors found to be drinking or taking illicit drugs will be asked to leave by hospital security.

If you have issues with substance abuse and would like assistance to cease this activity please inform the staff so that we can arrange access to support services or alternatively contact details are below.

Drug and Alcohol Services

  • East Perth (08) 9219 1919
  • Fremantle (08) 9430 5966
  • Warwick (08) 9246 6767


Laundry facilities are available for you at Fiona Stanley Hospital to encourage you to be as independent as possible. Please ask the staff where the washing machines are located.

Mobile phones

Please ensure that mobile phones are on silent in your room when you are undergoing therapy.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the hospital grounds. If you require assistance to cease smoking please discuss with medical staff as there are products available to help you.


Our State Rehabilitation Service patient information booklet contains information available on the Your hospital stay and Rehabilitation patients pages on our website.  It is also available in each patient room.

More information

More information