Intensive care

Our intensive care unit (ICU) is located on level 1 of the main hospital building, next to the operating theatres and coronary care unit and directly above the emergency department. A priority recall lift also connects ICU to the helipad.

ICU includes:

  • 40 beds (four pods containing 10 beds each)
  • 20 plumbed renal beds
  • 100 per cent single patient rooms
  • positive and negative pressure rooms
  • encased blinds for greater infection control
  • 'smart glass' walls that can turn clear or opaque at the touch of a button, allowing for patient privacy or closer monitoring
  • an external window in every patient room
  • two courtyards fitted with equipment to allow some patients to be taken outdoors for short periods
  • direct access to and from computed tomography (CT) imaging services
  • direct access to and from theatres.

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