ENT referrals

To ensure adult patients access timely and appropriate management of non-urgent ENT conditions, referrals to the Central Referral Service (CRS) (external site) for specialist services for patients over 16 years of age will be assessed using the referral criteria outlined below. 

Only referrals requiring specialist level care will be accepted. 

The criteria for routine referral for the following conditions have been reviewed:

Referrals for patients who do not meet the criteria will be returned for ongoing management in the community but may be re-referred if the condition becomes appropriate for specialist review. 

In addition to standard CRS referral information (external site), referrals must contain sufficient information to enable clinical triage against the ENT referral criteria listed above.

Indications for urgent referral are included. If an urgent referral is required the GP should:

  • phone the on-call FSH ENT Registrar via the hospital switchboard on
    6152 2222
  • fax the urgent referral directly to FSH Referrals on 6152 9762.

ENT referrals for paediatric patients

The ENT referral criteria for paediatric patients are currently being reviewed. 

Exclusions that apply to all paediatric ENT referrals are:

  • neonates (less than 3 months old) 
  • child weight < 10kg - if there is no weight recorded, then if the child is less than 12 months old, they should be referred to PMH.
  • requires paediatric nasendoscopy
  • paediatric patients with severe congenital, developmental syndromes

Referral criteria for tonsillitis is applied to ENT referrals for paediatric patients, as per the published CRS tonsillitis criteria (external site).

This information will be updated when criteria for additional conditions are reviewed.

More information

Further information regarding primary care management of ENT conditions is available on HealthPathways WA (external site) however, you will need a HealthPathways login to access this information. Please email healthpathways@wapha.org.au to obtain login details.

HealthPathways are currently working on responding to the new criteria and will have all the ENT pathways adapted to WA as soon as possible